In the Tweeds

I had worked from home for so long I forgot what it was like to have to actually get dressed every day. When I started commuting into the city again over the summer I think part of me was most looking forward to playing with more “sophisticated” pieces.

I will say I typically wear this dress with tights and ankle booties… the over the knee boot is a tad extreme for the office. Also, these boots are insanely comfortable but not made (in my opinion) to be worn a full day, or trekking to and from the subway station, ha. I’ve been wearing this hat a lot lately and I just found it in yellow on Poshmark! I’m obsessed with Poshmark, guys. OBSESSED! I’m selling a bunch of stuff on my own account… a lot of things you’ve seen on the blog before. So if you feel like shopping you can do so here. ;] YAY.

Can we talk about this velvet bomber jacket for a hot minute? I was obsessed with it because of the color, and it’s even more stunning in person. I constantly wear nothing but black, especially in the winter, so one of my wardrobe goals was to incorporate more color and this was just the item to get the ball rolling. A few of the items I’m wearing here are from Shein; a kind of discounted online retail site. I personally adore the site, but I know some women can be a little bit weary because of the prices. Here are my tips to shopping a site like Shein:

  • Try to only shop items that have customer reviews.
    • A lot of the pieces they upload onto sites like this look great in pictures, but you can’t be 100% sure that is exactly what you’re getting. Pay attention to the customer reviews, they will be way more honest about how it fits, the quality of the material, the color, etc.
  • Try to shop items that have customer pictures.
    • One of the best ways to shop is to see an item on a real consumer versus on a model. One; it’s more realistic if you have an average body type, and two; it’s a picture of the actual item you will be receiving versus the piece they shot on a model which could be totally different quality.
  • Pay attention to shipping times
    • The first time I made a purchase through Shein it took over a month for me to receive my order. I was like WHAT THE #$%&! is happening here??? Little did I know some items aren’t available to ship right away. They do make note of this on the site, but you kind of have to dig for the information. Otherwise, shipping is pretty standard if not relatively quick.
  • If you’re paying $10 for a sweater, expect a $10 sweater.
    • These aren’t the classic, timeless pieces that are going to last you the rest of your life. If you’re paying $10 for a sweater, you’re going to be getting a $10 sweater. Do not expect amazing craftsmanship. I mean, don’t expect to receive crap either, but just be realistic about your expectations. I recently received a sweater that looked cute in the picture, but when I tried it on it had NO shape. Just a big grey box with sleeves. Because it’s a sweater you kind of make due and work the whole ‘oversized’ trend, but if it was anything else it would have bothered me. I bought a pink faux fur coat (that I am obsessed with!!!) and it arrived with the buttons hanging on by less than a thread. You may need to do some fixing up yourself on little things like that.
  • Use a site like this to shop “trendy” pieces
    • I was dying for a mid-length leopard print faux fur coat but wasn’t sure whether or not I would really love it. I found one on Shein for like…. $30 maybe… maybe even less. I’m happy to say I am in love with it, and it’ll be on the blog next, but I’m glad I didn’t splurge on something like that. It’s not the kind of piece you’ll wear every day (even though people say leopard is a neutral) and being that it’s a heavy faux fur coat it’s not something I can wear all year long either. Sites like that are perfect for trend shopping because you’re not going to want to spend a lot of money on something with limited wearability. (is that a word??)

This is, according to Brian, his favorite picture of me. This is the result of him speeding towards me taking a million pictures a minute and me getting ready to smack my very expensive camera out of his hand if he didn’t stop, LOL, but the smile is big and cheesy and genuine. He and Charlotte both shot these pictures for this post… and while it’s not horribly complicated, I’m so impressed with the pictures Char took! She was way more into taking the pictures than being in any and I love teaching her how to use the camera. I’m so glad she has a little knack for it already. To be honest, Kennedy loves taking pictures too, and for a 4 year old, she isn’t bad either. Proud mommy!

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