Black Tie-Up

Ok guys, here is an honest statement: I have worn this dress so many times I have a friend who is pretty sure this is the only dress I actually own. LOLz. I figured it was high time I threw this beauty on the blog, even though I’m pretty sure the dress isn’t even available anymore and it’s almost fall, but whatever. Here it is!




This dress is so comfortable and wearable! I love how I can throw on a pair of flip flops for running errands with the girls and then swap them out for these block heel sandals for dinner with the boy. Unfortunately I cannot seem to find this dress on the Zara website, but if you have a few hours you might be able to find it in your local store with a little digging. You know, cause the store is friggen HUGE and there’s a million and one things to look through. On another note, these are the Old Navy heels I’ve talked about in previous posts. They are AMAZING. Bold. All caps. Underlined. (or just imagine it’s underlined because apparently I can’t do that). These block heels are beyond comfortable. I could wear them to and from work, hike from Penn Station to the office in these babies, wear them the whole work day, and hike back to Penn, and my feet would never hurt. The chunky heel is on the shorter side (without being a kitten heel) and the brown color will take you all the way through fall. They are less than $35 with an ADDITIONAL 30% at checkout so you should reaaallllyyyyy get yourself a pair! I swear this isn’t an ad either, I just really love these heels.


We’ve had a few days of very fall-like weather this past week and I’m having some serious mixed emotions about it. We spent the past few nights with the AC turned off and opened the windows, and few things in this world make me happier than sleeping with the windows open soaking in the fresh air. I’m also excited for boots and dark lipsticks… BUT at the same time I’m like wait a minute… I have done like zero percent summer stuff so far and I need to get on that, ya know? I went to the beach once this summer and I have not spent nearly enough time out by the pool considering I have one in my back yard. UGH, I miss the days when I would wake up around 11 and meet my friends on the beach… casually stroll home when I’d had enough of the sun. TAKE ME BACK!


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