Boho Romance

I have had this dress since early May and I’m just now getting it on the blog?! Criminal. If you follow my Instagram, then you have probably already seen it. I wore this 2 months ago when celebrating Kennedy’s birthday. I love the vibe of this dress; it is boho and romantic.


I pretty much only wear this dress either barefoot, or with my favorite summer sandals from Old Navy. Which I don’t think have made it to the blog yet… which is surprising to me! I basically never take them off. Oh well, I’m sure you’ll see them soon. Anyway! I kind of like to frolic around in this dress and pretend I’m a hippy, ha. I will say, if you ever purchase anything from Shein, play close attention to the customer comments!! EVERYONE said the sleeves were really, really tight… but I thought… well they couldn’t possibly be that tight! But boy, was I wrong! The dress was actually unwearable at first, I couldn’t move my arms and I felt like they might really fall off from lack of blood flow, LOL. However, I really loved the way it looked, so I decided to cut a little slit in each sleeve to loosen the elastic. After that it was perfection, so I’m glad I didn’t end up sending it back. But ya know, just a little shopping tip for their site! ;]


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