Is it Cinco de Mayo Yet?

I was trying on outfits for a night out and sending snapchats to my friends to get their opinion and they all said this one reminds them of being in Mexico, or celebrating Cinco de Mayo. I’d have to say I agree! Is it time for a margarita yet??



I wish I could find a link to a similar bag somewhere on the internet because it is seriously one of my favorite things I own and I wish you could all own it too!! I’ve searched high and low for about 2 years now and I have yet to find something comparable. It’s not even like I’m having one of those moments where some girl compliments your bag and you pretend not to remember where it’s from but in all reality you just don’t want her to have it too… no, no. I want you to have it. Someday, guys, someday I will find it for you!


I think this is the second time I’ve ever shown my belly button on here since I’ve had Kennedy! I’m all for embracing my body since having kids (as all of us moms are supposed to.. blahblahblah I know…) but my belly button has never truly recovered! I feel like I need surgery to get it back to where it used to be, haha. My boyfriend has been kicking my ass at the gym lately (don’t worry, I asked him to) and I am actually feeling really great… except for that stupid friggen belly button. Which I’m sure you’ve all gone back up and zoomed in on now and you’re like uhhhh I don’t see it? Or maybe you do…. but whatever, we’re all our own worst critics, right? Well, showing it is the first step to embracing it… so there ya go. #endrant. ANYWAY! I am all for off the shoulder tops and dresses for the spring and summer! I might even throw caution to the wind and buy myself an off the shoulder bathing suit this year. Who cares about the super weird tan lines! YOLO.

Photos by Lauren Ashley Photography


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