More Florals for Spring

Disclaimer: my blog is about to OD on florals. I don’t know what it is because I am not usually one for the flirty, feminine print… but I can’t get enough of them this year! Maybe it has to do with my mood? When you’re a happier person you want to wear happier things… right? ;]


FOREVER21 TANK BODYSUIT || H&M SKIRT (sold out, similar here, here, here) || LINEA PELLE BAG (old, similar here) || RAY-BAN SHADES || PAYLESS HEELS (similar)


Remember a couple posts back when I was telling you guys about these Forever21 tank top bodysuits and how I bought them in 4 different colors… one of which was pure white and one (this one) that’s off white? I thought I was crazy at the time because they were SO similar, but it really was smart purchase! The off white color matches this skirt perfectly! A pure white tank would have looked way too bright and white with this outfit. I am pleased! I wore this to work a few weeks ago when we were lucky enough to have a warm day and now that the weather has taken a turn for the better I can wear it all the time! 


So! As a few of you may know… or have noticed…. I take most of my pictures in this location. My mom is my photographer (lolz) and honestly, we usually snap pictures REAL quick while she’s at work and has 15 free minutes to take them… so we run downstairs to the alleys by her office and shoot away. WELL, for so many reasons this has become my favorite place to take blog pics over the years, and I’m sad to say I won’t be able to shoot here much longer. As of a few months ago they have started tearing down all of the buildings in the area in order to start re-developing the city. Which, I guess, in the long run is great for the area, but now I’m losing all of my favorite landmarks to blog with. Peep that open window behind me in the last photo… my mom was curious to see what the inside of this abandoned building was like so she literally climbed inside, hah. I don’t think she saw anything very noteworthy.. probably just a lot of empty bottles and such. Ah, but that’s why I love my mom… she’s such an adventurer. ;]


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