Meet My BFF

Allow me to introduce you all to my girlfraaaan, KymAlexis! A few weeks ago this little love bug asked me to take some pictures of her for her business, and we quickly realized homegirl was a natural in front of the camera. Not only can she rock a pose like nobody’s business, she has killer style. So every now and then she is going to make a cameo on the here, and you can shop her outfits too! The rest of this post is written by the fashionista herself. Enjoy!




Back in the day there were some strict fashion rules, and in this generation rules were made to be broken. Wearing white was considered a post-Labor Day no-no, but then again, black was once only proper for mourning, ha! We all have 50% black in our closets and there’s no shame in my game. This south moon under sweater is hands down the most comfortable yet fashionable  of the South Moon Under apparel that I own, and I’m about to go back and buy it in every color available!


You might see that my jeans are from Abercrombie and fitch and laugh because come on, we all shopped there in high school and never looked back; but i’m a 27 year old women who is 5’1 and 100 pounds so where in this world can i buy a pair of fitted pants and not have to hem them. Well here I am shopping and realizing that I can’t go wrong at this store for my height. img_4078img_4093

Chinese Laundry is one of my go-to for shoe shopping. They are comfortable and yet always at a reasonable price. The best part about this brand is if you bargain shop then you can head on over to marshals and find yourself saving some mula.

As a profesional organizer, my clients get to share their favorite stores and this is by far my favorite!!!! Pookie and Sebastians is a New York store that is basically a high end South Moon Under. You can’t walk out of this store without buying SOMETHING…. sorry not sorry…. worth every penny 😉

I love having a best friend who is a fashionista because she can share her style with the world and yet encourage us all to dress to impress <3



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