Cozy Knits, High Slits

Guys…. this dress is hands down one of the most comfortable I have ever owned! It fits so well, it’s super flattering, and it’s SO. DAMN. COMFORTABLE. Are you sold yet? Because you should be.




Side note… this is my last post with blonde hair!!! ::tears:: So many tears, haha. I absolutely loved being blonde…. it was my jam. My hair on the other hand? Not so in love with it. My hair took a serious beating over the past few years in my epic journey to becoming a blonde. It basically got to the point where it would just break off. I decided as fun as being blonde was I needed to give my hair a break and let it get healthy again. I’m now on a journey to go dark again. I’m the most fickle person EVER when it comes to my hair… seriously. But looking at these pictures makes me super sad… I’ll miss my blonde alter ego!


Anyway, back to the dress. It’s perfect for fall! The neutral tone totally compliments the season, the knit material makes it perfect for cooler temperatures. Throw on over the knee boots and a mini leather jacket when it gets cold and you’re good to go. The dress comes with a nude slip to wear underneath because being knit it’s obviously a little bit on the see-through side. Although the slip tends to ride up A LOT over my butt. I was already pretty well endowed back there, but my boyfriend who is a personal trainer has been kicking my ass hardcore at the gym the past few weeks and squats and lunges are basically his favorite thing in the world. I’m not complaining, your butt could always use the help… but my clothes are starting to fit a little tighter, haha. I would assume the slip doesn’t fall so short on everyone.


Let’s talk about this choker too! It gives me life. I love the choker trend but most right now are on the delicate side… which I also really like, however, it’s fun to go bold every now and then! I wore this to work last week with a bold plum lip to match and I got so many weird looks… I guess a bold lip & statement choker early in the morning are a bit much for some people (LAME).

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