Match Me

I say it every year, and then I fail miserably… I want to wear more matching sets! There are so many cute ones that range from casual and beach ready, to fancy for a night out. I don’t know why it takes me so long every season to add a new one to my wardrobe, but at least I eventually got around to it!




Oh hey guys, just giving a tour of my summer home! Juuuuust kidding. I wish! This is actually “the Annie Mansion,” as everyone in our area refers to it. Where the original Annie was shot many moons ago. However, if you’re a Monmouth University student, you just call it Wilson Hall… which is way less exciting.


LOL my mom made me take this last picture, after several failed attempts on her part to take a selfie with the big stone creature (and a huge fountain she was also obsessed with). My mom’s a cutie. Anywho! My favorite thing about this set, and most matching sets really, is the versatility. I love that you can wear this together as intended, or swap out the top or shorts for something else. It’s like having 3 different outfits in one, really. This was a great day-to-night look for me too! I hung around most of the day wearing this set and flip flops, and threw on the heels for dinner with my family. It’s incredibly comfortable! My only gripe with this… it’s a “one size fits most” situation. And let me tell you, it would certainly not fit “most.” Hell, it barely fit me. If you’re super skinny it will hang off of you, and if you’re even a centimeter thicker than I am, it will definitely be snug, if it fits at all. I got lucky that it ended up fitting me, but I really don’t have any wiggle room in it!


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