Cut it Out

I have never fallen so hard in my entire life… and it’s for a dress! This is my favorite article of clothing, ever, of all time. I have to literally stop myself from wearing it every day.




I will say, if you’re going to wear this dress or a dress LIKE it, invest in some boob tape. It’s literally impossible to wear anything this low cut and loose fitting without it. I stopped at Victoria’s Secret and grabbed a pack of their “fashion tape” for just $10. It comes with  a ton of little pieces and they are insanely sticky, I knew I wasn’t going to have a nip slip incident in this little number, which gave me great piece of mind all night, haha.


The dress runs short, which is nice because I’m a little on the shorter side so I don’t have to worry about it dragging along the floor all the time, however, it would look strange if I wore it with heels so flats are pretty much the only option here. But I’m not mad at it, it forces me to go a little more casual when wearing it. I’m already looking forward to wearing this dress again next weekend, so if you know me in real life I apologize in advance for how often you’re going to see me in this dress this summer, haha!

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