Get Cozy with Pink Blush!

If there is one thing I do love about colder weather, it is snuggling up in some cozy layers. My house is old, and I mean ooooold, so heat is basically nonexistent in here. I live by the fire during the winter cuddled up in my favorite knits. Some comfy leggings and an oversized sweater are perfect for these days and this set would have to be my new blush


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Going through blog posts from last year I realized something… I have like zero cute coats. I have two coats in general really; a giant puffy Northface, and a long white wool trench. I jumped at the chance to snag this black trench coat to add to my small collection. It’s so warm and roomy! I feel like I could pile on a few layers under here and wouldn’t get too bulky which is sooo important to me in the winter! I hate that!

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This sweater offers that perfect layering illusion that I am so obsessed with. I’ve mentioned it before but I am SO terrible at the whole chic layering thing. I don’t know why but I cannot for the life of me get the hang of it. So I always opt for tops like this when they are available…takes all the fuss out of trying to get a look right, you know? Also! I must mention how amazing these leggings are. When shopping online it’s almost impossible to really get a feel for how something is made or the quality, which is why I usually shy away from it all together. When I put these leggings on I was pleasantly surprised at how thick and soft they were. They’re the kind of bottoms that will definitely keep you warm and cozy when it is freezing outside!

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