Anniversary Family Photos; Part 1

On our wedding day 5 years ago Matt and I had the most amazing photographers. It was well before the world of Pinterest existed, so we basically had to come up with creative concepts on our own with the help of those behind the camera. One of our photographers, Nino, captured what was the most amazing wedding photo that I have ever seen, and not just because it was mine!


For our 5th year wedding anniversary I wanted to do something special for Matt. I am terrible at picking out presents for people; I never have enough money for what I really want to buy someone… ha. So for the past few holidays I have been trying to go the more thoughtful route and decided this time around that I would reach back out to our photographer from our wedding and try to recreate some of the amazing moments captured, but this time, with our beautiful little babies!

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IMG_6326 IMG_6329 IMG_6333 IMG_6355 IMG_6356 IMG_6357 IMG_6358 IMG_6359 IMG_6360 a0014 a0022 a0023 a0025 a0029 a0046 NINO4719 NINO4727 NINO4734

These are some of my favorite pictures from the entire shoot! As I was leaving the house I remembered to grab the box that held my wedding shoes because I really wanted to get a few shots of the girls wearing them. I thought they would be such special photos for them to keep later on in life. Kennedy, as you can probably tell from these pictures, was less than cooperative throughout the shoot, haha. She was over it before it even began in typical Kennedy fashion, so unfortunately I could not get her to stand still for even .5 seconds in the shoes. Oh well, the pictures of Charlotte are beautiful at least! NINO4742 NINO4756 NINO4789 NINO4805 NINO4816

These eyes though!! She kills me. I am beyond amazed and in love with these pictures! They came out so, so, so beautiful! Nino and his wife Liz captured my vision so perfectly. I am so happy with how they turned out and so grateful we will all have these pictures for a lifetime. Tomorrow I’m going to show more pictures with just Matt and myself, stay tuned!



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