I Left My Heart in North Carolina

I spent the last weekend in North Carolina with my best friend at her Aunt’s condo smack dab on the beach. I knew we were going to be spending a few days doing nothing but vegging out and relaxing, but I didn’t think we would be spending every day doing that, ha. I way over packed for this trip… seriously. I even went as far as to shower, do my hair, and get all dressed up one night only to walk the trail to the beach, take these photos, and walk back to the condo to play darts until it was time to pass out, haha! I just love vacations.

forever21 shirt


danirisi bag marmi shoes francesca's shorts

I’ve had this shirt all summer and I did not try it on when I purchased it. I brought it home and HATED everything I tried it on with! I kept it in my closet for a few months until I went out to lunch with my cousin and realized she had the same shirt and it looked soooo beyond cute with her silk shorts and then I remembered I had a pair of my own. I literally left lunch, went home, tried the shirt on with these shorts and felt relieved. I could finally wear it, ha.

IMG_4693 IMG_4694 IMG_4690

I brought these shoes with me to North Carolina, one because they matched everything I thought I was going to wear, but two they are extremely comfortable. I can’t function in flats, even sandals really, so anything with a little bit of a heel works wonders for me. Anything to lengthen my legs even a little bit. That being said, while I need a bit of height I do want to be comfortable so these were an obvious go-to for me.

IMG_4688 IMG_4686 IMG_4685

I love this last shot! It’s funny because it just looks like a flock of seagulls flying over me, but they are actually a whole bunch of pelicans. They were everywhere! I’ve only ever seen one in my entire life in Aruba… and here we saw about 20 of them every day. The first day we also saw a couple of dolphins playing around right off the beach. It was a pretty fantastic trip overall, but alas, it’s back to reality now!

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