Coral Crush

Sometimes you put something on and you feel like a legit movie star… like no matter where you’re going or who you’re with it will be fabulous because you look so freaking fabulous, how could it not be? This H&M dress was one of those dresses. Unfortunately I bought this dress at the beginning of the summer to wear to an event in the city, and as I was running to catch the train the seem ripped riiiiiight up the back. Needless to say I didn’t make to the event, ha. It took me a while, but I fixed the seem myself and it’s finally on the blog!

h&m dress

H&M DRESS (similar here, here) || CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN SHOES || LINEA PELLE BAG || ROMAN LUXE BRACELETS ℅ (also love this one & this one)  || RAY BAN SHADES

h&m dress h&m dress h&m dress h&m dress h&m dress

So imagine that little slit up the back of this dress going all the way to like, mid butt. It was awful! I’m not gonna lie, I stopped shopping at H&M for a while because there were about a month or two straight when everything I purchased fell apart. Not that you pay an arm and a leg for their clothes, but when you pay anything you want it to last at least one wear! However, my hiatus didn’t last long… I truly do love H&M! ha And I am pleased to report that the things I have recently purchased seem to be holding up well so far, so fingers crossed!

h&m dress h&m dress h&m dress h&m dress h&m dress h&m dress h&m dress h&m dress h&m dress

While I’m obviously in love with this outfit, can we talk about the artwork I shot these in front of? There’s an amazing thing happening in Asbury Park right now where they are inviting local artists to come and basically decorate the city. But of course within days of this being completed and these photos being taken, some jack wagons came and vandalized the artwork. I hate people. This is why we can’t have nice things! Like… why? Go home and spray paint your own homes you losers. Ok, end rant.

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Remember this necklace from an old post here? It’s still one of my favorites! I actually think about going back to Florida just to stop in that store and go buck wild on their accessories, haha. The bright colors pair perfectly with this coral dress. While I love wearing this dress to events it’s also perfect for a saucy date night. The fabric is light so you won’t sweat and it fits like a glove so it’s super flattering! This particular dress is no longer available, but I linked to similar styles above. Happy shopping!

Photos by: Blur Revision

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