Gap Style for Less

Believe it or not, this edgy little lady has a soft spot in her heart for all things GAP. Oddly enough I really love their style, weird right? I don’t always reach for the feminine, laid back pieces in my closet, but every now and then I like to relax a little bit in pieces with smooth lines, comfortable fabrics, and no-fuss details. I don’t always have the room in my budget to go on shopping sprees at the GAP, however, so when I find a dress that looks like it fell out of a GAP catalog for less, I buy it!

gap style dress

H&M DRESS (also love this one) || TARGET SHOES || KENNETH JAY LANE NECKLACE ℅ (also OBSESSED with this one!) || RAY BAN SHADES || LINEA PELLE BAG (sold out, similar here on sale!)


This is one of the dresses I bought myself when I wanted to stock up on easy sun dresses at the beginning of the summer. When I’m not wearing palazzo pants I am in comfortable dresses I can run around in. The fabric is so soft I kind of wish I could wear this every day!

IMG_9555 IMG_9556 IMG_9558 IMG_9562 IMG_9559My mom and I had a good laugh after taking these photos. The shadowy figure behind me is actually two people in a boat crabbing but it kind of looks like there is a giant shark making some rounds in the background, ha. The thing that looks like a giant fin is actually an umbrella… some people don’t like the sun so much I suppose. ANYWAY! Unfortunately this bag is no longer available on Linea Pelle’s website but I linked to a similar style that I am obsessed with above. While you’re there check out their new leather jacket collection. HOLY HELL they are some of the hottest jackets I have ever seen! May need to spend my next paycheck on one… shhh!

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