South Moon Under Party

On Friday night my favorite store in all the land hosted a private shopping party for me and my best girlfriends! What is better than that? Nothing… seriously… nothing! The girls and I all perused the store while snacking on the best donuts from Broad St. Dough Co. and sipping on a signature cocktail they made for us! It was the best thing I’ve ever tasted, haha, but waaaay dangerous! One of those drinks where you can barely taste the alcohol so you just keep sipping… trouble indeed!

south moon under outfit


south moon under outfit free people tank billabong palazzo pants south moon under outfit

I had a reaaaaalllly tough time picking out an outfit for this little event. When you have the entire store at your disposal it’s extremely hard to make a final decision, ha. I was between this outfit and a stunning maxi dress. I eventually ended up going with palazzo pants & a strappy top because it came off a little more casual. The maxi dress could literally be worn to a wedding.. hell even in one.. and I wanted to be comfortable and more laid back for this particular evening.

IMG_8969 IMG_8970

I must say, Billabong is stepping up their game lately. I would never expect to find something like this in a surf shop a few years ago. I mean, I live on the beach so I’ve seen my fair share of surf shops and I am pleasantly surprised by what I have been finding recently. The whole outfit was so comfortable, the only thing I regret wearing were the shoes, ha! I took them off in the dressing room to try on some clothes and couldn’t bring myself to put them back on. Decided to go barefoot the rest of the event. Thank goodness my best friend Jay lives out of her car and had an extra pair of heeled sandals for me to wear when we went out to dinner after, haha.  IMG_8971 IMG_8968 IMG_8972 IMG_8975 IMG_8976

I brought my trusty polaroid to take a few snaps throughout the night so check out a little behind the scenes shots from our party!


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