Killin’ It

I forgot how comfortable Brandy Melville tops are. I had bought a couple a few years back that I had worn once or twice and then they got lost in the depths of my closet. On a quick stroll through Pac Sun I found this top and fell in love.

brandy melville TOP: BRANDY MELVILLE FOR PAC SUN (only available in stores) || FLANNEL: H&M || JEANS: BULLHEAD || BOOTS: OLD NAVY (similar) || HAT: FOREVER21 (similar) || SHADES: QUAY AUSTRALIA 

brandy melville top quay australia sunglasses brandy melville killin it hat

So… fun fact, this is the first time I’ve shown my bellybutton on the blog.. or in public at all really, since I had Charlotte, ha. I have a long, LONG way to go before I’m back to where I’d like to be but I’m so pleased with the progress I’ve made since having Kennedy. I kept myself healthy throughout my entire pregnancy and continued the hard work after with yoga, karate, and eating right. I mean, don’t get me wrong… I eat 6 donuts myself from Broad St. Dough Co every weekend, but Monday through Friday I’m at least trying to eat “right.”

IMG_2987 IMG_2984 IMG_2983 IMG_2988 IMG_2989 IMG_2991

Another fun fact: Pac Sun carries Quay Australia sunglasses, woo! I had been searching far and wide for these shades so I could actually try a pair on. I can’t buy sunglasses without testing them first… and it’s a good thing too because the ones I had always admired looked absolutely cray on me! Anyway. We seemed to have skipped right over spring, no? It’s hot out! But an outfit like this was actually perfect because where I was for most of the day it was cooler down on the water so I could unwrap the flannel and layer up. Aaaah those 90’s vibes!


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