White Jean Baby

So I had a pretty long and stressful week. My youngest daughter had a pretty bad stomach bug, and we’ve recently made some changes to her diet so we were naive to believe it was just that. But alas, she had a nasty bug that lasted a couple days… and when she started feeling better, BOOM my older daughter wakes up at 4am throwing up. Oh but it doesn’t end there… I immediately get sick as I’m taking care of Char. My husband soon realizes he isn’t feeling so great either… aaaand the 3 of us have a sleepover on the couch at 4am, ha. Anyway, long story short… BEFORE I got hit with this bug and I thought my long and stressful week was going to end with Kennedy feeling better, I decided to chop off my hairs. So here’s the last post you’ll see with my long locks!

long hair don't care


statement neck linea pelle grayson bar bag hollister brown leather jacket all whiteYou ever have one of those nights where you get dressed up and you’re stoked to go out but you don’t have any real plans, so you drive around trying to figure out something good but can’t come up with anything great so you pick up a pizza and just head home and watch movies until you pass out? Yeah. This was one of those nights, ha. They’re kind of the best though, aren’t they?

IMG_1268 IMG_1267 IMG_1270
IMG_1274 IMG_1276


This necklace is from a small store in Naples that my cousin took me to on our girls getaway a few months back. I’ve blogged about it before and I finally asked her the name of the store, ha. It’s called The Best of Everything. So seriously, if you’re ever in Naples, find that store because this necklace was legit $14. I mean does it get any better than that?! No. The answer is no. Especially since I get more compliments on this necklace than I do on like anything else I own. Shout out to my cousin Molly for knowing me so well and taking me there! Also happy birthday Moll! <3


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  1. I remember when I would throw up at 4am in my parents room. I always felt horrible. One time I just ran in and threw up on their carpet (I never made it to the bathroom) and my poor dad had to clean the carpets in the middle of the night…not fun!
    Anyways, I love this look! The white on white is so clean and fresh and the green jacket really adds a nice touch!

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