The Craft

So today I’m giving you guys a tour of my humble abode! Just kidding. I wish! I drive down Ocean Ave almost every, if not every day and this one house in particular has always stuck out to me… for whatever reason I am so drawn to it. I figured this would be a pretty fun place to snap a few quick pics. And by quick I do mean quick as we soon realized there were surveillance cameras following our every move… haha!

black otk boots


mirrored ray ban aviators black forever21 tunic dress boho fringe bag

I’m channeling the vibes from one of my all time favorite movies with this outfit; The Craft. If you were a part of my generation when this movie came out it was probably one of your favorites, or it should be. Raise your hand if you went out to a Funk & Standard (or some kind of novelty shop) and spent your entire allowance on witchcraft books. I may or may not have put a few spells on the mean girls in my middle school. Anyway… I loved the wardrobe in that movie. So. Much. Black. My kinda girls!

IMG_9591 IMG_9594 IMG_9596 IMG_9597 IMG_9598

I wore this out for a night on the town with my bestie. It’s the kind of outfit that just grabs attention when you walk into a room. For so long I felt like I could only wear these boots for certain occasions, like… almost never, but I have recently stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to wear these more often. I maybe even buy clothes to go with the boots now so I can wear them more, hah. But I mean seriously, look at them, can ya blame me?


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