My Cinderella Moment

When Kleinfeld’s calls you and invites you to their showroom to play dress up and have your very own Cinderella moment to celebrate the new movie coming out… you say yes! I may already have said yes to the dress (almost 5 years ago, omg) but that doesn’t mean I don’t jump at the chance to put a wedding dress on again whenever I can!



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How insane is this dress?! It’s honestly so different from anything I’ve ever even seen before and I knew it had to be the one I wore! You can’t really tell from the pictures, but it’s actually like a big fancy shower curtain, haha! It was so heavy too. Definitely not one of those flowy wedding dresses you can twirl around the dance floor in but that’s totally fine because it’s really pretty and that’s all that matters. ;] The day started off with the Glam Squad doing our hair and makeup, which is the best way to start your day, if you ask me, then we went downstairs into the accessories department and picked out shoes. I snagged a pair of Jimmy Choo’s that were covered in big crystals, so they obviously reminded me of her glass slippers! The day continued with a fun photoshoot in the Kleinfeld’s showroom, ending with an impromptu shopping spree downstairs in the shoe section. shhh! ;] Click on the pictures below to see some behind the scenes snaps!

This day was no joke, I absolutely felt like Cinderella thanks to the Glam Squad and the amazing staff at Kleinfelds! Side note: have you guys ever heard of the Glam Squad? Like, THE Glam Squad? It’s a downloadable app that will send a hair and makeup crew to you within an hour! (available only for NYC, LA, and Miami residents at the moment). It’s pretty much the coolest thing ever and I will be taking full advantage of their services next time I’m in the city! Another fun fact definitely worth mentioning, Kleinfeld is not just for brides! Anyone can shop their shoes and accessories. I strolled out of there with the cutest pair of Kate Spade shoes that I cannot wait for you guys to see!

A special thank you to everyone who made the day possible & made me feel like a princess again!
Kleinfeld of course! @KleinfeldBridal
Baked by Melissa @BakedbyMelissa
The Glam Squad @GlamSquad



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