Keeping Your New Years Resolution with Puma

I am not normally one to make a New Years resolution, I know myself… I know I won’t keep them for more than a day. However, this year I’ve decided to make a few with the general goal of just becoming the best possible version of myself this year. Part of that is to get healthy; eat better, be more active, “work out.” To keep myself on track with staying active I’ve enlisted the help of PUMA and their new line of sneakers that are so amazingly fun looking I literally can’t wait to put them on and do something to work up a sweat.

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Ok, if I’m being honest, my real New Years resolution is to start deleting people off of Facebook who do nothing but repost nonsense news articles… especially if they’re negative and depressing. Ain’t nobody got time for that! So be warned. If you re-post an article about a man writing a song for his dying grandmother, or a dog being run over by a semi and limping off the freeway, or crackheads in florida getting high and eating each other… or anything else that doesn’t make me laugh or smile…. bye.IMG_1739 IMG_1743

This is, in all seriousness, the warmest most comfortable sweatshirt I have ever owned! I, stupidly, chose to take these pictures on the coldest day of winter thus far and I kid you not I was barely even cold. The only parts of my body that even felt the chill were my ankles and hands, everything else was toasty warm! The hood is lined with thick fuzzy fur to keep your head and face warm too. It quickly became my go-to piece for more casual cold days.

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These sneakers are so fun! They’re from the new collaboration between PUMA and Solange Knowles, so of course they’re going to be wild and make a huge statement. Part of getting myself motivated to be more active is dressing the part, and with sneakers like these I literally can’t wait to work out! The best part? They’re so festive they would also pair really well with a little white t-shirt dress. (Thank god sneakers and dresses are a thing now, I’m not mad at it). IMG_1740 IMG_1741 IMG_1742 IMG_1743PUMAS were my go-to back in middle school and early high school. I can’t even tell you guys how many pairs I owned, but my black suede ones with the white leather stripe were my favorite. I remember the suede over the toes rubbed off when I went through my “hacky-sack” phase. Aye Aye Aye. Also worth mentioning, I can’t disclose the exact location where these photos were taken because the area is extremely off-limits, but I will say it was my mother’s idea to hop a fence to get some sweet shots. I don’t think she thought I’d document the whole experience, but I mean.. I had the camera and I was testing the light soooo… you’re welcome.

Gotta love my mom! She is always up to no good, haha. (True story: she was the first person to take me out on my first mischief night. It was her idea to egg our town’s police station. My dad was a retired cop so it was all in good fun, at least to us anyway. They did not find it so funny). Anyway! I hope you had an amazing NYE and your 2015 is off to an even better start! To read up more on the collab with Solange and Puma you can go here. These shoes are now available through


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