Hats and Collars and Giveaways, oh my!

I was never a hat person. In fact, I had an utter disdain for them. You see, I have a relatively small head and they never fit me right, so they really weren’t my thing. One size fits all my ass. BUT, when I find one that does fit, it’s basically love at first sight. Starting last fall I made it my mission to find the perfect hats for every season, and I’ve acquired quite a collection so far.

layered collared shirt HAT: C/O UPHORIA BOUTIQUE (similar, similar, similar) || SWEATER: C/O UPHORIA BOUTIQUE (similar here) || JEANS: GAP || SHOES: GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI || BAG: TARGET || RING: C/O ROMAN LUXE

IMG_5042 IMG_5045IMG_5073If you have a smaller head like mine you will be delighted to know this hat fits like a friggen glove! When I try hats on I generally have very low expectations when it comes to sizing, so I was shocked and ecstatic when this one didn’t wiggle around every time I moved my head from side to side. I have also been in the market for the perfect black hat for fall so I mean, all around it was a win-win!


IMG_5077 IMG_5078

Ok so let’s talk about this sweater. A few posts back I featured one of my favorite sweaters with an illusion of layering because I am seriously the worst at this whole look. Any time I’ve ever tried to layer a sweater over a collared shirt it’s turned out awful. These sweaters from Uphoria Boutique have been a god send! They allow the layered look without any of the effort! Perfect for the layering challenged like myself. IMG_5080 IMG_5081I bought these coated skinnies from the Gap right after I had Charlotte and I had gotten so used to not fitting in my jeans and/or being pregnant that I totally forgot about them! I rediscovered them just in time for jeans season. Hooray! Don’t forget to enter my eShakti giveaway by clicking the link below! 2 lucky winners will receive a $25 gift card to start building their own custom wardrobe! Good luck!

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