Day to Night Style: Night

IMG_2089Well thank you for waiting patiently! Now that you have all had time to take in the day-time look, check out how I styled this Old Navy graphic tee and J Crew skirt. Here is the long awaited night look! ;]

old navy holy chic graphic t

TOP: OLD NAVY || SKIRT: J CREW (similar here, here, here) || SHOES: JESSICA SIMPSON || JACKET: H&M (similar) || BAG: LINEA PELLE || NECKLACE: H&M (old, similar here)

photo 1-19 photo 1-20 j crew bell skirt night

Staying at the Plaza made the most perfect backdrop for so many outfits! HAH. The hotel is seriously gorgeous, far exceeding any expectations I could ever have. Our shower was so big you could do laps around it without ever actually getting wet. The bath tub should have just been called a hot tub, it was that big. I loved it. If I ever win the mega millions I’m buying a penthouse there, mark my words!

photo 2-18 jessica simpson pumps


So this is the same top and skirt from my day time look, which you can see here if you missed it. All I did was swap out the shoes, bag, and necklace, while adding some bold makeup to suit the occasion, and threw on a leather moto jacket for a little edge. It was a billion degrees that night in the city, but I’m glad I decided to bring my jacket because the restaurant where we had dinner was apparently located in the arctic.

j crew bell skirt night

While the day time look was super comfortable and cute, I much prefer the night time look, ha. I rarely ever put on this much makeup anymore. It reminded me of my former self (pre-children) and I enjoyed it! It felt like I was playing dress up. Also, side note, these shoes are surprisingly comfortable! I wouldn’t walk around the city in these all day and night, but a quick walk to and from a restaurant? Totally doable! Kudos, Jessica Simpson! At least your shoe game is better than your maternity collection…just saying. Anyway! Which look do you guys prefer? Don’t be shy! Leave some love.



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  1. Love the night look! Obviously, you know I love that tee #soulmate! Both outfits are totally adorable. I’ve been surprised in my challenge this week how EASY it is to style a graphic tee. You’d think that the options would be so limiting, but really, it’s so versatile. Hope you guys had a blast in the city for your anniversary!

    xx S
    A Sparkle Factor

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