Put a Bow On It.

Guys, meet Kate. So Kate. She is my lover. You’ll have to look down cause she’s on my feet. These shoes are amaze. Dig it.

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TOP: FOREVER21 (similar here) (long sleeve version here)|| SHORTS: FOREVER21 || SHOES: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN ‘SO KATE’ || BAG: CHANEL SHOPPER TOTE || HEADBAND: FOREVER21 || BRACELETS: C/O ROMAN & SUNSTONE (similar here, here)

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When I was picking out these shoes the girl at the store really sold me hard on these. I was looking for a solid pink pair of pumps but could not find a good pair anywhere. I promised myself ahead of time if I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for, I wouldn’t buy anything. HOWEVER, after much pushing from the sales girl, I tried these on just for shits and giggles and I kind of died a little over how they looked on my feet. In true Louboutin fashion, they’re insanely high and the arch is ridic,I can barely walk in them, but I mean come on. They’re too beautiful. Don’t judge me.

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If you haven’t caught on to my obsession with mixing fast fashion finds & high end pieces, you probably will now. Mixing clothes and accessories from Forever21 with Louboutin shoes & a Chanel bag… that’s pretty much my wardrobe in a nutshell.

photo 2-6 photo 3-6 photo 3-7This is a really fun but classy outfit if you’re a working woman like me who works from home. I don’t work in an office, I started my own company, and I do social media. Basically, when it comes to work, my wardrobe can pretty much be whatever I want it to be (a Snuggie will suffice most days). When I can get out of the house for some real life in person interaction and business meetings, it’s fun to dress up a little bit!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post! I have my first recipe coming to the blog since we moved into our new house! Cray. It’s one of my husband’s favorite meals that we could never find a decent recipe for online so we hope you like it!


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