The Dress So Nice I Bought it Twice!

I am in love with this dress. So in love, in fact, I bought it twice in two different colors. It’s the softest, most comfortable and flattering maxi dress I own. Side note guys, you’re getting to know the real me here. The me that has my hair thrown up in half a bun because I didn’t have time with two kids to finish straightening my hair or put on more than just bronzer and mascara. I’m a mother of 2 small babes, this is real life guys, ha!

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DRESS: MOLLY & ZOE (similar here, on sale now!) || SHADES: RAY BAN || BRACELETS: ALEX & ANI

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One of the most important things to me when getting myself presentable for the day is grooming my eyebrows. If I have no time to do anything else, THAT is a must! The harmony of your eyebrows brings your whole face together. I still look like a slob from the neck down but if my eyebrow game is on point then I’m ok with that. Oh and mascara. Can’t leave the house without that either. I mean, does anyone? Currently I’m using a mix of two: Smashbox Full Exposure & Benefits ‘They’re Real.’  I’m loving the results!

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This is my favorite low-maitenance look. I literally just throw this maxi dress on over nothin but undies and head out for the day. (I can go sans bra because of the layering of fabric over the chest, I don’t do that often, haha), but with the low and open back I really have no choice. I have this dress, and another in pink that I got two summers apart. I’m sure I could find another one in a third color scheme this summer if I really wanted to. Which I do, because like I said, this dress is everything. ;] You need to add one to your wardrobe, stat!


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  1. So cute! Love the look! I need to get a maxi dress. I say this every single summer. You should do a post soon about fall must haves since it’s creeping on us 🙂

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