The Mini Fashionista: Hey There Sailor

I’m obsessed with anything nautical, even a smidgen nautical and I like it. Perhaps it has to do with where I grew up? In any event, when it comes to my daughter’s wardrobe I am equally obsessed with the theme, and apparently so is my husband as he picked this outfit out as well!

photo 3-12

DRESS: JANIE & JACK (on sale now) || SHOES: JANIE & JACK 

photo 1-10 photo 3-11

She has mastered the pose by now. Hands on her hips, eyes down, slight pucker. She’s a lean, mean, posing machine and I just love it!

photo 4-7photo 4-8photo 2-10 photo 2-11

They make some pretty fantastic shoes for toddlers. Sometimes I am actually jealous of Char’s shoe collection. These shown above, for example, I truly wish came in my size. She has a pair of blue espadrilles with little bows on them that I’m also obsessed with. And please don’t judge me for being a bad mom letting my child wear lipstick… it wasn’t by choice. She literally did this herself. She has a mind of her own, what can ya do! ;]


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