Red, White, & Cute

As promised we took Charlotte out on the boat for the 4th of July. Luckily it was cool enough at night for her to wear her new sweater that my husband bought her a few weeks back. He harassed me for about 2 solid weeks because I had yet to put her in the outfit, even though each day was reaching an average of 90 degrees. Some men just don’t really understand fashion… BUT, it was cool enough on the water to throw this sweater on SO, here it is, The “Lobstaaaah outfit.”




image-69 image-72 image-73image-71

I love that this outfit was red, white, and blue without being too obvious. Like, it’s obvious, but it’s not the normal “my 2nd 4th of July!” t-shirt people insist on making their children wear. Those can be so…. bleh, can’t they? If I don’t put this disclaimer in here my husband will kill me: he picked out this entire outfit. In addition to about 10 other outfits you’ll see on here. He went cray cray! Although he picked it out, I’m IN LOVE with the lobster on this sweater! I feel like we should cart her off to Nantucket for the weekend in this outfit, ha! Graphic Tee’s and sweaters sporting animals are super in right now! Shop all of my favorites in my latest Mavatar collection! 


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