Mini Fashionista: Floppy Hats

It goes without saying that by putting on a floppy hat you are instantly upping your level of class. I mean, who doesn’t feel like royalty when wearing one? My husband and I were strolling through the Grove over the weekend with our oldest daughter (who really knows how to milk my husband for all he’s worth) when she pointed out a hat she just HAD to try on. AND .5 seconds later it was hers. Matt really has no backbone when it comes to Charlotte, and I’m sure Kennedy will be able to work him just as hard when she learns to ask for things too, ha!

photo 1


photo 2

Just an FYI, you may see me wearing this hat on here sometime in the future. No one ever believes me, but I have an unusually small head. I NEVER fit in “one size fits all” hats for adults. I can literally wear hats made for toddlers. I don’t know if that’s something to brag about? Probably not, but it is what it is!  photo 3 IMG_5916

I say it all the time but I really love shopping for my girls, especially as they get older. Toddler clothes are just so adorable! So many fun prints and colors. If they made this dress in my size I would wear it in a heart beat. I can’t even go in stores like J Crew or Janie and Jack because I have zero restrain when it comes to shopping for Char and Kennedy… as you’ll see as this Mini Fashionista series continues! ;]


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