Graduated Style

I am a heels girl through and through. If I had the choice between heels or flats, or any other kind of shoe for that matter, I will always opt for heels. That’s why back yard BBQ’s in the summer are a tragedy for me. Trying to successfully navigate the terrain of a lumpy uneven backyard in pumps should be an event in the Summer Olympics. Unfortunately, no one ever looks graceful attempting this feat, so I guess sometimes sandals will just have to do.


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There are certain stores that I shop in religiously, H&M being one of them, and other stores that I never think to stop in. If you’re a Instagram blogger follower, you may follow the account “Up Close & Stylish.” This girl has a wardrobe that only dreams are made of. Birkin bags in every color of the rainbow, a different pair of Louboutin’s for every day of the month…well, you get the idea. What strikes my fancy with her, however, is that she mixes in the cutest pieces from stores like Forever21, Zara, and American Eagle. SO, while browsing the mall for a birthday present for my sister-in-law recently, I decided to stop in American Eagle just for shits and giggles, as I normally never shop there. I was delighted with what I found! This dress, for one, has quickly become one of my summer favorites.

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These sandals are uber comfortable and cute! I love the mix of metallic and canvas detailing. They’re super flat, which normally I don’t particularly like, but somehow they are still comfortable, soooo win win! It’s going to be difficult to not wear this dress and these sandals everywhere this summer!



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