Mini Fashionista: Put a Bow on it

Ok guys, ok. I have created a monster. What started out as fun with the camera has turned into some serious business. My little Charlotte is now a lean, mean, posing machine. God help me.


image-15 image-14

1. I basically only buy Char’s shoes from Target or A Children’s Place outlet, so you won’t see a ton of variety there, ha. Her feet grow like 5 times faster than the rest of her so I don’t spend a fortune on shoes, they don’t really last that long. 2. This dress is uh-mazing! When I saw it in the store I was so sad that it was a kid’s dress and they didn’t carry it in my size!  image-13

What I love about my daughter is she is kind of the total package… She loves being girly, dressing up and taking pictures, striking some seriously fierce poses. However, she seriously looks forward to fishing, watching football on Sundays, and staying up late to watch the Yankees. We are raising the best damn wife some lucky little toddler is going to have someday when he grows up! ;]


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