Mini Fashionista: Dress Up

As much as I love to dress Charlotte up like a pretty little doll, let’s be honest, the kid is a walking disaster. She can’t stay clean for more than a few minutes at a time. I don’t blame her, she’s a kid, it’s a part of life. Her nick name is actually “Charnado.” She tears through every room like she’s getting paid to make a mess. It’s just wonderful. So it goes without saying that most days she’s dressed pretty casual, however, sometimes I do like to make her look all pretty!


DRESS: GAP (similar here) || SANDALS: TARGET

image-1 image image-3

Ok, this isn’t super dressed up, but it beats the hell out of leggings and a t-shirt like she’s usually wearing. Isn’t this dress adorable? I’m obsessed with the colors. Oh and check out her latest accessory, the potty watch! HAH. Being a mom is fun… potty training and all that wonderful stuff that comes along with it. At least this little watch comes in a feminine color that will match most of her outfits.. that’s a plus, right?

image-7 image-5 image-4

I have a blast taking blog pictures with her. She’s SO into it now, absolutely loves posing for the camera, as I’m sure you can tell. When I get her dressed in the mornings and she really likes her outfit she’ll say to me, “Mommy get your camera. I need to pose.” I have officially created a little fashion monster! Look out world!



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