Move Over Kerry Washington

I can wear a crop top too, bitch. In all seriousness though, I didn’t love her crop top/baby bump look. Her dress had zero shape to it, and as a pregnant woman myself, I would think you’d want to accentuate all the good parts you can. Granted she opted to go full blown separates: full skirt & crop top, and I chose the chickens way out with a crop top over a maxi dress, but I’m still wearing a crop top at 39 weeks pregnant so whatever!



image-25 image-27

It was absurdly hot last weekend and I wanted to wear a maxi dress but I was so tired of recycling all my usual dresses while pregnant. A statement necklace just wasn’t going to be enough for me to make this look exciting, I needed to try something else. I perused my closet for a few minutes until I came across this crop top I snagged from Forever21 last summer. I decided it would do! image-28 image-33

It ended up being a pretty fantastic outfit. I threw on my go-to lipstick, put a couple braids in my hair, and set out for the day. I was comfortable and cool and felt good about wearing something different. Wearing a crop top over a maxi dress is an excellent way to dip your toes in the crop top trend, pregnant or not. A lot of women are apprehensive about this trend, but it’s all about balance. Once you take your baby steps and decide to wear a crop top sans maxi dress, make sure your proportions are right! The shorter the top, the higher waisted your bottoms should be. Try not to expose too much of your midriff unless you’re at the beach for the day. There’s a time and a place for that, ya know? ;]

See how I styled this top last summer, not preggo, here!

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