Too Much Black & White?


Often times during #StyleChat I see people ask the question, “is there such a thing as too much black and white?” While this subject is clearly a matter of opinion, as is everything when it comes to personal style, for me I say NO! There is no such thing as too much black or too much white. I mean, look at my blog, they’re two of my favorite colors. My one style tip, however, is you do need to break up the monochromatic look with some pop of color. Whether it be with bright shoes, a statement handbag, a chunky colorful necklace, sleek sunglasses, or a bright lip or manicure, there needs to be some touch of color.


DRESS: FOREVER21 (old, similar here) || SHOES: COSMO FOR JC PENNY (similar here) || NECKLACE: FRANCESCA’S (similar here) || BAG: CHANEL || LIPSTICK: SCHIAP NARSimage-51 image-52 image-53For me, I chose to breakup the black and white by adding a big old hot pink statement necklace to match my go-to lipstick, Schiap, from NARS. Normally I’d probably pair this with a crystal statement necklace, but I’m thinking outside the box with color this time around!

image-46 image-47 image-48 image-50

This is probably my favorite outfit of the moment! This dress is not maternity, but the material is so forgiving, the length isn’t super short, and the hem around the waist falls perfectly above my bump. It almost looks like a maternity dress and it’s SO comfortable! The fabric is pretty heavy so it keeps me surprisingly warm right now. image-54 image-55 image-56 SO. In conclusion, there is no such thing as too much black and white, but as the temperatures start to rise have some fun and add unexpected pops of color. Go my route with a bright necklace and lip, or mix it up with a neon manicure and a bright hued bag, like a mini speedy from Rebecca Minkoff!

To see how I styled this dress for a more business casual winter look, click here.


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  1. You are about the cutest pregnant person that I’ve ever seen and very impressed with your heals. I couldn’t walk in those normally, let alone when a bump would probably throw off my centre of gravity!

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