Mugshot Monday

Have you guys ever heard of “Mugshot Monday?” It’s apparently an Instagram thing and I’ve seen two different interpretations; an actual mugshot, and a picture of your coffee or tea mug. Some of these pictures are adorbs, namely the ones of the coffee mugs, not the actual creepster mugshots in particular, ha.


Since we had a big “winter storm” last night, which ended up being like 3 inches of powder, I wanted to be comfy cozy today! Normally that calls for sweat pants & a big sweat shirt, but I’ve had enough of looking like a homeless person this winter. I’ve been working from the comfort of my bedroom today in knee highs, a cotton dress, and an oversized sweater.

image-13 image-14


Please ignore the condition of these buttons! My daughter decided they were grapes and tried to snatch them off my sweater to eat, haha. These pictures were taken before I could sew them back into place. So get over it. image-18 image-19 image-20

It’s super cold outside but I feel like I’m on a vacation at a ski resort in this outfit, haha. I don’t plan on leaving the house today so it works for me. This sweater is one of the warmest, most comfortable sweaters I own. I love the military look and feel of it with the neckline & the buttons. My husband bought this as a present for me a few years ago on the first Christmas we actually had enough money to buy each other real presents. Those were the days, huh? ;]

Well I’m not going to let this weather get me down! Hopefully this was the last of the long winter we’ve been having and warm Spring days are right around the corner! I mean, they have to be, right?!


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