A Week in Leather

In the winter it’s nearly impossible for me to NOT wear leggings.. especially when pregnant. They’re comfortable and I want to be comfortable when I’m freezing and pregnant, so who can blame me? However, I do like to spice it up a bit and throw on leather leggings to kick my look up just a notch. So to inspire everyone else out there who falls into the same “only leggings” rut that I do, I am doing a whole week of looks wearing liquid leggings. Enjoy – Day 1!


Look who made his way into this shoot! It’s one of my two little pups, Zorro! It’s a shame you can’t see his red collar in this picture, because it matches my outfit perfectly! haha


TOP: GAP MATERNITY (no longer available) || LEGGINGS: BEBE || SHOES: COSMOPOLITAN FOR JC PENNY (similar here) || NECKLACE: H&M (old, similar here) || SHADES: FOREVER21 (similar here)IMG_0569 IMG_0571 IMG_0573I scored this top from a CRAZY sale the GAP was having a couple weeks ago. By the way, I needed to put my hair into a sock bun because I had to prove to myself it was long enough to be able to! A few months ago I chopped about 6 inches off, and while it’s liberating at first, I obviously miss every inch! Thank goodness for prenatal vitamins because it’s growing much faster than I think it would be otherwise.

IMG_0576 IMG_0577_2 IMG_0585

These leggings that I’ll be sporting for the week’s worth of looks are from Bebe. I got them over the summer when I was getting ready for Fashion Week and had no idea what I was going to wear. They’re kind of my favorite… SO anyway! This is look one. This is a look I may normally wear with regular leggings or dark wash jeans, but the leather look dresses it up a little more. Stay tuned for more looks featuring these bad boys!


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