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Thank goodness I shot all these photos for my blog last week before the temps decided to drop into a black hole of coldness. Today is the first day it has started to warm up, and naturally our heat breaks. Fabulous, just fabulous! So it still feels like a polar vortex in my humble, frigid, abode. Anywho, I digress. Let’s talk about one of my favorite articles of clothing today, leather leggings!

IMG_0231 IMG_0237

Leather leggings have been my go-to bottoms lately. I love the way they can dress up any outfit. I can throw a big chunky sweater over these and instantly feel a little classier than I would if I were just wearing “regular” leggings. They just add a little edge to an outfit that would otherwise look pretty……normal.


These shoes are my pride and joy. My husband buys me something every year on his birthday. I think he’s uncomfortable with getting gifts… but these were his 27th birthday present to me. Gorgeous, to die for, Giuseppe Zanotti’s! They’re a bit challenging to walk in.. they don’t look it, but they’re SUPER high and the arch is absurd. I added a Dr. Schoul’s insert for heels and it makes an incredible difference! However, these will not be a pair of heels I wear until I’m 8 months pregnant. May get 2 or 3 more wears out of them before it’s time to retire until after the baby arrives. IMG_0245_2 IMG_0252_2 IMG_0256_2 IMG_0257 IMG_0260_2

I can’t get away from the color red! Blues and reds seem to be what I keep gravitating towards lately. I keep telling myself I need to play with more color. If you look at my closet and my shoe collection, there isn’t too much excitement going on there in the world of color. I want to start with shoes, I want a pair of bright pink pumps. What I’ll wear with them is to be determined, ha! Well I hope as the temperatures start to warm up you guys are warming up too! I’ve had about enough of the cold. BUT! Every day it’s cold is another day closer to warmer temps, so let’s just take comfort in that! 




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  1. Stylish mama! Weren’t your toes freeeeezing in those booties? I experienced snow for the first time since I was 4 (I’m 22 now) back in March. I was so thankful it was only for four days. I don’t know how everyone who lives where it snows survives! It was so pretty while it lasted though!

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