Shopping for Maternity Clothes 101

Hi friends! I made this video last year after having Charlotte. As I explain in the video, shopping for maternity clothes as a young mom-to-be can be quite challenging. They aren’t a ton of options out there that are affordable if you want to stay stylish. Here are my best tips!

Also! I want to add that ASOS has an amazing maternity section on their website that I did not know existed last time. I’ve already bought a few things this time around and they’re so cute! They’re so on trend and affordable, with plenty of options for everyone! Some H&M’s have a great maternity section too, but it is limited. If I can make one small suggestion, it is to stay away from Target maternity. While I generally love shopping at Target, their maternity section is disappointing. EVERYTHING is huge. Even the extra smalls run big which makes every item look loose and ill fitting.

Another tip, mix and match pieces that are maternity with pieces that aren’t. Don’t waste money on maternity pieces like cardigan sweaters and blazers and stuff like that if you never plan on actually buttoning them up. Your regular clothes should work fine for that.

These are a few of my looks from my first pregnancy. These are all towards the end, when I was about 7 and 8 months. In the first 3 looks the pants and shirts are all maternity (obviously). The blazers are from Express and H&M, not maternity. The maxi dress is Calvin Klein from Marshals that is not maternity that I wore throughout my entire pregnancy.

Well that’s all folks! I hope this helps some of you out. Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions I didn’t get to in the video. Until next time, kisses!

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