Hats & Heels

My number one suggestion to pregnant women; embrace your belly! My first pregnancy I really fought buying maternity clothes. It is SO hard to find cute maternity clothes after all, and I was a young mom, I didn’t want to dress like an old maid just yet. But, when I finally caved and bought my first pair of elastic waist jeans I thought I had died and gone to fashion heaven. While they weren’t the most stylish clothes in the world, they were so comfortable it was insane. This time around I decided I was going to splurge a little on some better quality maternity clothes and I can mix and match with the pieces I acquired last time.

IMG_0140 IMG_0139Believe it or not, every single item of clothing pictured here is maternity! I splurged on J Brands from a Pea in the Pod and snagged this sweater on sale because I figured it would look great even when I’m not pregnant. Maternity jeans with elastic where the pockets should be, rather than with the extra stretchy fabric that goes over the bump are great for the beginning of your pregnancy. They’re great for when you really really just cannot squeeze yourself into your regular jeans any longer, no matter how hard you try (I used an elastic band to close my jeans for a long time during my first pregnancy). Your belly is still small enough to not necessarily need all of the extra support and these sit under the bump comfortably.

IMG_0150_2 IMG_0153_2 IMG_0154 IMG_0157 IMG_0163I’m sporting another new baby here, Chanel. A birthday & Christmas present from the hubs. I was sooooo against having a white bag for a long time, especially a Chanel, because I know how dirty they can get. However, when my husband took me to the store and told me to pick one out, I instantly gravitated towards the white one. (After, of course, I picked out a 29 THOUSAND dollar red alligator skin flap bag… whoops…maybe next year, right babe? HA). It looked so pretty with what I was wearing at the time and all I could think of was how amazing it will look in the winter AND the summer. Had to have it.


IMG_0168_2 IMG_0175

A lot of older women, or women who have never been pregnant, find it crazy that women like me wear heels throughout my pregnancy. However, let me just say two things. 1. I will never ever give up my heels, ever. I don’t walk around in 6 inch Louboutins every day, but if I am going somewhere where I have to dress up, 9 months pregnant or not, I’m throwing on SOME variation of heels. And 2. Sometimes pregnancy can take a toll on your lower back and believe it or not, the extra support heels can give makes a crazy difference. If you’re feet don’t swell like Kim K’s (that chick should not have been in heels as long as she was) they can actually be much more comfortable than flats! Espadrilles in the summer are a god send! IMG_0182_2

I have a video on my YouTube channel about the do’s & don’ts of shopping for maternity clothes & I’ll share that with ya’ll tomorrow! This time around I’m definitely taking my own advice, and hopefully it can help some of my readers out as well! Until next time, kisses!


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