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My favorite (& most obvious) way to make my summer wardrobe last all year long is throwing tights under my dresses and sweaters over them. However, on a day like today when it’s nearly 60 degrees out, it doesn’t feel entirely necessary, but I do it anyway. If not for warmth then to hide my grossly pale skin. Summer, I need you!

IMG_0042The remnants of Christmas Past haunt this picture, and my house! It’s time to clean up all of our Christmas decorations for sure. I enjoy the time after Christmas because there are no real holidays left to decorate for. Time to relax…. in that sense anyway!


This necklace is to die for! it’s one of my favorites, but I rarely wear it because I’m really picky about what I wear it with, hah. I’m trying to work it into my wardrobe more often, it doesn’t seem right not to.IMG_0052 IMG_0056 IMG_0059 IMG_0060 IMG_0066I snagged this dress last summer from H&M. For a summer style, I throw a metallic belt around the waist with a pair  of my best gladiator sandals and I’m off. Being able to utilize your wardrobe no matter the season is fabulous, especially when having weather like this! 60 and sunny one day, rainy and 30 the next. You don’t quite know what to do with your clothes. When all else fails, layer, layer, layer! Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas holiday! See you in the new year! Until then, kisses!


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