The Butt Bowl Cookies

Hi friends! This is a fun little post today, I wanted to share with you the cookies I made this past weekend for my husband and his friends. My darling, smart, wonderful, bright husband has entered himself into a fantasy football league in which the loser has to get a tattoo on their ass of the winners choice. Don’t worry though, it’s only the size of a quarter and is limited to a sports theme or cartoon character. Like I said, he is amazing and brilliant and smart…..sure. Nevermind the fact that my husband just so happens to be tied for last place, so there’s a 50/50 chance he’s getting inked on his booty. I actually think it’s hysterical. Matt’s covered in tattoos as it is, so one more won’t hurt. They are a special group of friends, these guys!

Each Sunday we gather at our friend Billy’s house for beer, nachos, pizza rolls, football, and lots of trash talking. Well this past weekend and next weekend mark the end of their run, so to celebrate coming down to the wire I wanted to make something special and I thought butt cookies seemed all too appropriate. Not entirely sure where the idea came from, probably one of my vivid dreams, but when I thought of making butt cookies it had to be done. Actually, truth be told I wanted to make butt cupcakes and call them buttcakes, but I couldn’t find an easy enough recipe. I have never baked a thing in my entire life, from scratch. So we needed a beginner recipe. Here’s the final result!

image-2They were surprisingly easy to make. I used this recipe for the sugar cookies themselves. I loved it because, as usual, I waited until the last minute to scrounge everything together and this recipe does not call for the dough to be refrigerated ahead of time, so it didn’t take long at all. (Side note: if you do end up using this recipe, add a pinch more sugar than it calls for. They could have definitely used it). Everyone was curious as to how I actually got the cookies to look like butts, so I’ll let you in on my little secret: while I’m sure butt-shaped cookie cutters do exist somewhere, I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter & trimmed off the tips, then turned them upside down. After baking for only 10 minutes, I let them cool for about an hour before I started decorating. I bought one tub of white vanilla icing and separated it into small bowls to combine with food coloring to get different colors for the… undies? For the thongs, outlining, and text I used small icing pens from Wegmans. The decorating was the fun part, of course! After each cookie was done I made my husband come look and I’d keep asking, “can you tell it’s an ass? Are people going to get it?” haha! Notice a few of the cookies have the tattoos on the butt. ;]

image-1 image-3These were a blast to make, decorate, and pass around. I would totally recommend doing something like this for a birthday or bachelorette party! Until next time, kisses!



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