Black Friday Fun

I went out for my first ever Black Friday experience this year! I hate Black Friday, and with Cyber Monday right around the corner from Black Friday, I don’t quite get why anyone celebrates it… but I woke up Friday morning with the most incredible urge to, well, spend money. My husband thought I was insane and wanted absolutely nothing to do with it, so my mom and I spent the evening at our mall. It wasn’t terrible by the time we got there. I think most of the marathon Black Friday shoppers had retired already. I’m a bad sale shopper though… After a whole afternoon of shopping specifically for the sales I think only one or two of the items I purchased were actually on sale. I suck, womp womp. BUT the boots I bought that were on sale made me quite happy!


DSC_5551 DSC_5556This was the perfect outfit for Christmas tree shopping. This year is our first year in our own home as a family for the holidays and it just feels amazing! We went out and bought pretty much the biggest tree we could find, hah! Well, that would fit in our house anyway. It looks fabulous, I’m so excited!

DSC_5561 DSC_5566 DSC_5572

I call this my Johnny Depp outfit… with my short hair & this hat & a big sweater I feel like I look like Johnny Depp straight out of the Secret Window, or whatever movie it was where he went a little cray cray and tried to kill everyone. But whatever, he still looked good, and this is one of the most comfortable and yet still stylish outfits I own so I really don’t care. This sweater is the definition of cozy! Minus the sleeves, if it had actual sleeves it would be the ultimate. But throw it over a long-sleeve shirt or light sweater and it can’t be beat!

Well! I hope everyone had a wonderful and amazing Thanksgiving and holiday weekend! It’s so hard to get back to reality today, isn’t it? Oh Mondays, why do you exist?! Until next time, kisses!

SWEATER: FOREVER21 || SHIRT: TARGET || JEANS: ANTHROPOLOGIE (similar here) || HAT: FOREVER21 (no longer available, similar here) || BOOTS: FOREVER21 (on sale now for Cyber Monday)

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