Fell in love with Fall

Oh hey, hi, hello there! It’s been a hot minute. So sorry for the absurd amount of slacking again. We are finally in the new house and there is SO much to keep me busy! Oh and… then there’s this…

1455189_10200801220496429_71733933_nBaby Ross numero dos is on their way! eeeeeeee! This is my little nugget, Charlotte’s little brother or sister. :] :] Due to arrive in this world May, 2014! Matt & I couldn’t be more excited. Charlotte already gives my tummy kisses when we ask her where the baby is. All we’re missing is a puppy! (Cough, cough, MATT, cough).

So that leads me into this… this is my second pregnancy and my second bout with these awful, terrible, I never want to get dressed in the morning because I have nothing to wear and nothing fits right, feelings. It’s an extremely sad feeling, especially for a self-proclaimed fashionista like myself. I’m not quite myself, but I’m not showing yet, so I’m just flabby in all the wrong places with a little extra skin. YUCK. Too small for my maternity clothes but too big for my skinny jeans. DAMN YOU LAWS OF FASHION. That’s another reason why I’ve been MIA lately, what to wear?! How many ways can I make my leggings look cute? However, I woke up this morning and decided I was going to own this pregnancy. Kiss my ass, leggings!

DSC_5201 DSC_5207 DSC_5208There are few things I love more than an unusually warm fall day. Especially since it’s been so damn frigid lately! I woke up this morning and squealed with excitement when I walked outside and didn’t see my breath. And you would think a little rain would make me angry, but NOPE! Just an amazing opportunity to wear one of my favorite fall floppy hats!

DSC_5212 DSC_5213 DSC_5220 DSC_5221 DSC_5222


DSC_5223 DSC_5225JEANS: TOMMY HILFIGER || BOOTS: FERGIE (I had NO idea these were Fergie when I bought them, so angry with myself for loving them).


DSC_5235This was my look for a casual morning carpet shopping with my mom and Char. Like I said… new house, the projects never end! These jeans have always been a little loose on me.. which is actually kind of okay with me. I’ll be able to wear them well into my pregnancy. My legs are always the first thing to fill out, unfortunately, hah!

OH! And some more wonderful news! I am a new fashion and beauty writer for the online woman’s publication, Mod City Magazine. Read my first two articles here and here. :] Have a great day! Until next time, kisses!



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