Do you ever go on vacation, even if it’s a small one somewhere not too far away, and think “this is the best place I’ve ever been. I want to move here.” Every. Single. Time. There’s something about being somewhere where no one knows you, where you know nothing, that is so attractive. Everywhere I’ve ever been I felt I could see myself there. Maybe not for the long haul, but for a little white at least. I hate vacations, it’s so sad coming home.

IMG_1244 IMG_1242I would move here. In a heartbeat. Good thing we just bought our dream house, right? haha, womp womp! Some day when we win the mega millions we’re going to have vacation homes all over the world! Promise. By the way! I feel it’s worth mentioning that the coffee at the Starbucks in Newport, RI is the best coffee I have ever had, anywhere, at any time. And my husband agreed. They brew it with love I tell you! If you’re ever there, stop by, you won’t be disappointed! And this is also the only time you’ll see me with a hot coffee for a long time! I drink iced coffee until I pretty much need gloves to hold the cup.

DSC_5015DSC_5019 DSC_5020 DSC_5021I was having a major red moment this entire leg of the vacation. For whatever reason everything I set my eyes on was in some shade of red. Even my lips. I just couldn’t get away from it. But whatever, I love red. I think it’s universally flattering.



I really liked this dress because it is really something I’ve never worn before. It’s not my typical go-to. I generally prefer dresses with more shape, this was the exact opposite. I wanted to find something that was comfortable for walking around and sight-seeing. This was perfect. HOWEVER… I was totally unprepared for how windy it was going to be. I had quite a few Marilyn Monroe moments… ha.




A rare occurrence of THE Matt Ross in front of the camera! haha isn’t he cute? :]

DSC_5054 DSC_5057The view from our hotel was unreal. I have never seen anything like it before! Rhode Island is a lovely little state. Our hotel was smack dab in the middle of its own island, seriously. It took up the whole thing, hah. Anyway, definitely a place I’ll be revisiting. Well until next time, kisses!

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  1. Your outfit is so cute! =) I think it’s so much fun to travel with your hubby and dream about the possibilities of where you’d want to live one day. It looks like you guys had a great time!

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