Vacation Swaggah.

With the arrival of Labor Day weekend and our anniversary it seemed like a good idea to take a little trip. Truth be told we’ve been all over lately! Jet setters if you will, so faaaaaancy. This was my favorite spot so far. And I got to wear my new Lubes, hooray!


The weather on the East Coast is so strange this time of year. In Florida it’s obviously gorgeous, New Jersey it’s hot and gross and humid one day and the next it’s beautiful with very Fall-like undertones. Continue north from there and it’s basically already fall. It’s so weird it makes it super hard to pack for any vacation! Anyway, I digress. Quick disclaimer here folks… these pictures aren’t the greatest! womp womp. My dearest husband likes to get artsy… oh and have a few cocktails before he does me this little favor. :[

DSC_4867 DSC_4868 DSC_4869 DSC_4870 DSC_4877 DSC_4880


My husband swears he’s a wiz behind the camera. He loves his night-time pictures. Don’t tell him this, but I may have to fire him from the blog soon. :\ love you though, boo boo.

DSC_4909 DSC_4923

These were taken while we stopped for a little bathroom break before we headed over  to the hotel bar for more Martinis and Gimlets! Gin galore… woof.

DSC_4929 DSC_4950 DSC_4974 DSC_4984

I really love this dress! It’s super feminine and flirty and paired with my new Louboutin’s and a bright red lip it was pure perfection! I have been dying to wear these shoes for weeks now and when I saw this dress fireworks exploded in my mind. The perfect couple. The shoes are actually super comfortable, especially for Lubes. Maybe not made for walking laps around the city, but you can stand in them without crying in your mind. Stay tuned for a few more posts from our vacation! Until next time, kisses!

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