Word Up.

DSC_4847Following a weekend of camping it was really nice to dress up and go out to a nice dinner with my hubs! Well actually, we spent the day at the zoo with our little monkey as well. Which was a ton of fun! Appropriately, her favorite attraction were the monkeys. She’s cute. Like this outfit, no?

DSC_4845 DSC_4840


DSC_4839 DSC_4829 DSC_4828Girl’s gotta do some squats! WOAH. My ass is about 5 inches lower than it used to be… oh childbirth. It does wonders for you, doesn’t it? NAHT.  This shirt’s a super crop top in the front but longer in the back. It looked strange so I tucked it in to this high waisted skirt that I’ve had for years. It’s so comfortable and flattering. I need to find more like this. Actually most of my fave skirts come from Urban. I need to get back there. OH and if you haven’t noticed by now… this is my hair in its natural habitat. Took a break from the hair dryer and flat iron and curling iron and whatnot for about one day. 10 minutes later this was a nice curly afro. Thank you humidity, I won’t miss you when you go!

DSC_4852 DSC_4850


Last week was mine and my husband’s 3 year wedding anniversary! Holy moly time sure does fly! We typically celebrate somewhat the same every year on the actual night of our anniversary… a bottle of champagne and our wedding video. I have the same emotions every time I watch it! I switch between laughter and tears like every other minute. What a great day… In celebration of this momentous occasion here are a few of my favorite pictures from our wedding. :]

60068_1407333306943_2120764_n 162935_1526392963360_4918819_n 314938_3505081069326_1748494642_n

well then, that’s all for now! I’ve got a lot coming up for you guys! Gotta get to it. Until next time, kisses!

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