Welcome to the Matrix

On a hunt for the perfect hat for fall, I ended up finding a pair of matte black shades that I am obsessed with. In all honesty I feel like these make me look like Morpheus from the Matrix [hence the title!] They’re a tad…. futuristic? but whateva, I dig it.


There are so many trends going around right now, reflective lenses, round frames, colorful frames, frames with embellishments. You name it, they are a trend! But I dig these the most. Well… for now. I’ll probably be obsessed with another pair tomorrow. Truth be told, I bought a few pairs at the same time. I have a problem… it’s getting bad, hah!

DSC_4672 DSC_4669 DSC_4667

SHADES: FOREVER 21 || DRESS: H&M (similar here) || SHOES: TARGET 

DSC_4676 DSC_4663 DSC_4690

By the way! This necklace is super amazeballs. It’s actually a 3-in-1! You can wear it like I am OR just the choker orrrrrr just the long neck. It’s so versatile, who doesn’t love that? Definitely a piece worth investing in, you can change up your look so many ways!


I actually styled this entire outfit around my hair, ha! I loved it. When I’m in between blowouts and too lazy to do anything to it I typically throw it in a messy bun or a loose braid, but sometimes I just wanna feel a little more put together. So I combined them. :]


The ombre in my hair makes it look like I wrapped a fake blonde piece of hair around my bun…. but it’s all mine, I swear! womp womp. So that’s that! The lipstick is actually from a Birchbox many months back. I typically don’t use it because it’s a bit bright for me, but I felt so sleek with the hair and jewelry, it felt right. Oh and check out this awesome photo bomb…



She’s always trying to steal the spotlight from her mamma! ;] But I mean, look at her… I don’t stand a chance! Until next time, kisses!

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