Date nights (or any night that includes just getting out of the house) have been far and few between lately. When my parents finally came home from Aruba right at the peak of Char’s separation anxiety phase, we jumped at the chance to go out to dinner, even if it was only for like an hour! #parentingproblems

I’ve had this skirt for a few years now but it’s one of my favorites. I love the zipper in the front. My husband always insists I’m wearing it backwards. Sometimes I just wanna hit him… ;]

DSC_4618DSC_4635 DSC_4638



You can see a little peek of my tattoo! Well, you can see all of the bird, but only a smidge of the music notes. Actually the detail of the back is why I bought this top in the first place. I wasn’t crazy about the fact that it was a crop top, never really knew where I would wear it. But I was sold on the back. I paired it with my high waisted skirt and I think they worked pretty well together.



Roman Luxe has the most amazing cocktail rings! They are so big and blingy and fun! I swooned over all of them, seriously. Aside from my wedding rings I probably wear RL rings the most. Definitely visit their site, they’re having the most amazing sale!

About 2 weeks ago I decided I was going to cut my hair… like.. chop it all off! I was just so sick of having to do so much to it every single day to even get it to look somewhat tame. However, I got a blowout this weekend and changed my mind. Honestly, what the hell was I thinking? Someone must have slipped crack into my cheerios because I never want to cut my hair! hah! I had a traumatic experience in high school and swore I would never cut my hair past my shoulders again. Thank goodness I’ve come to my senses! But with fall coming up so soon I will need to make some kind of change… any suggestions? And on that note, that’s all for now kiddies! Have a great day! Kisses!

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