Style Bandit

This is one of my favorite shirts.. I’ve posted about it before. I love, love, love the print and the bow detailing around the neckline adds a little extra sweetness. Don’t mind my stink eye…



I’ve talked about this company before, eShakti, they offer a wide variety of clothing that is 100% customizable. It’s so fun! I have a lot of fun shopping their site, picking out tops and dresses, adding details and taking them away. You can even customize the length of a dress or a skirt. This little bow around the neck, don’t like? That’s cool, take it off! Seriously, it’s a blast, and I can walk around knowing there won’t be many, if any, other people walking around wearing the same thing I am. Cool right?

DSC_4311 DSC_4310 DSC_4301

I love this bag as well! It’s overlapping two-tone leather is perfect because it matches just about everything! The whole inside is lined with zebra print, which basically if you know me, means it was made for me! ;] It can be worn as a clutch or a cross body, even more perfect!


I called this post Style Bandit because my dad had a pet raccoon when he was younger and naturally they named it Bandit. He lasted a very short time before my Grandmother came to her senses and realized a raccoon was not an appropriate house pet. But I saw a baby raccoon while driving the other day and he was, by far, the cutest baby creature I have ever seen. I can see why she accepted the deal in the first place.

Anywho, that’s all for today, folks! If you’re on the twitterverse today at 3 join me at @The_RachelRoss and @Romansunstone to talk fashion favorites and fails during #StyleChat! Just follow the hashtag. See you then! Kisses!

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