Paleo Update

Holy MOTHER OF GOD. You know when you see yourself, and you’re like ‘I look ok but I could stand to lose a couple pounds, but I don’t hate myself.’ That’s where I was at a few months ago. I thought, for just having a baby, I was doing pretty good. And I was. I was, by my standards, a sloppy mess, but I was working hard at losing the baby weight and that made me feel good about myself. Actually,  I shouldn’t say that. I lost the baby weight within months of having Charlotte, but my body never rebounded. SO I was more trying to get my actual body back to where it used to be, not so much the weight. ANYWAY! As you know I started doing the Paleo diet again, sometime in March I’d say? Maybe April? I forget, but I know it was before Easter, because come Easter I stopped. Not on purpose, it just got too hard to keep up with, and then summer came and it got even harder. I still tried to eat better and I added in a few Paleo recipes a few times a week, but I was no longer eating strictly Paleo. 

About a week and a half ago I had the courage to step on the scale again after falling off the Paleo wagon. I avoided it for a long, long time because I was certain I had gained back all of the weight I lost. AND much to my surprise, I was only three pounds away from my goal weight! I decided, screw this, I’m doing it. And today my friends, I hit that target weight and it feels so mother effing good I can’t even explain it! A week and a half ago I decided I was going to start eating MUCH better, got rid of most of the junk food in my house and replaced it with healthy alternatives (it’s super easy to do with a child since I have to have these foods around for her anyway, now we can share hah). I also started doing yoga one to two times a day, either in the morning before Charlotte wakes up, or at night after she goes to bed, and sometimes both. When I told my husband I hit my goal weight this morning he goes, “good, can we stop eating healthy now?” HAH! You would think that, but now that I’m here I don’t want to lose it, especially after how easy it’s been and how great it’s making me feel. Want to see my progress? Brace yourselves.



oh my god, woof. It is INSANE the difference just a few months can make! I’m going to try my hardest to keep posting healthy/paleo recipes on here, because honestly, that’s pretty much what got me to this point, just changing up my diet and I’d love to share them with you guys! 

Far left I was 117.6. The middle picture was taken exactly one week later during the peak of my paleo diet and I was 114.6. The far right picture was taken today after eating healthy but not strictly paleo, and keeping up with yoga daily, I am 110.4 pounds! BOO YAH BABY. After having Char I kind of fell into a depression, especially with summer approaching I pretty much just accepted that I was never going to get my old body back. I was going to the gym, I was eating “healthy” and nothing seemed to make a difference. But after looking at these pictures next to each other it shows you just have to stick with it. Set a goal and don’t stop until you get there! If I can do it so can you! Until next time, kisses!


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