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One of my favorite fashion trends this summer is Tropical Prints. Liz, of the blog Late Afternoon, does them SO well, she’s super inspiring! I haven’t quite found the perfect tropical print for myself yet, but I keep searching. I recently found a pair of printed pants I was OBSESSED with from a local boutique, the fit was amazing, the length was ideal, and the print was sessssy!

DSC_4043 DSC_4045

My husband calls these pajama pants….. rude. We were going out the other night and I had these pants on with a pink billowy crop top and he told me it looked like I was getting ready to go to bed. Needless to say I felt the need to change. I took another stab at the outfit the next day but switched out the crop top for a fitted tank. He liked this look better, hah!

DSC_4054 DSC_4057

Tank: Marciano || Pants: Molly & zoey || Hat: Target || shoes: Steve Madden || SHADES: CHANEL || NECKLACES: VAN CLEEF & ARPELS, GALLERIA GOLD COMPANY. || BRACELETS: ALEX & ANI

A friend of ours has this fedora and when he wears it he says he’s relaxing, I call it his relaxi-hat. I decided I needed one of those. So basically, when I have my fedora on, leave me the EFF alone. :] So I’m diggin printed pants lately. I think they’re a great alternative to a dress or skirt if you’re going out. These, especially, are super light so you don’t overheat after being outside for 30 seconds. So whatcha think? Are you going to play with prints this summer or keep your wardrobe simple and classic? I’m kind of a big fan of both!

Until next time, kisses!

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