Friday Fav!

Remkerirussell11ember this girl? The oh-so awkward and sad Felicity? I was obsessed with that show, but not so much with her. Being that I am a victim of curly/frizzy hair myself, I watched in total agony every time this girl was on screen… like… why couldn’t someone get you a blowdryer? I know it was a late 90’s show and the frizzy hair wasn’t a HUGE issue in fashion yet, but whatever. I suppose that is beside the point. Keri Russell kind of came and went, didn’t she? I’m glad she made a comeback. First in August Rush, then in some Lifetime movies about Pie or something… now in The Americans [awesome show on FX, if you didn’t know] and she is hotter than ever! Check this out.

keri-russell-290um… MEOW. I love it. Everything about this. [except the fact that it looks like she has a broken ankle down there.. what the hell is that? Super uncomfortable looking!] Anywho. It is seriously so difficult to wear a leather mini dress, am I wrong? I’ve been 100% honest about my feelings on leather; you have to practically be a supermodel to pull it off… even though I own leather leggings… I’m very shy about wearing them! ha. This dress fits her like a little leather winter glove. If you guys saw Olivia Palermo in her leather dress not long ago, it looked like a big frumpy Hefty bag. Which is so weird to me because she hardly ever wears anything poorly, but apparently it’s possible. So when buying anything leather, make sure it’s flattering! Her smokey-eye-like makeup kind of gives her an uber sexy look without looking like she’s about to spank you with a big paddle. Simple black pumps, and an easy side-part blowout ties this look all together. I’m a big fan, and it kind of makes me want to go out and buy a leather dress. I won’t. But I want to.

So what do you think? Love or hate? Tell me your thoughts! Until next time. Kisses!

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  1. leather truly is hard to wear! I have a floor length leather skirt that I break out occasionally–but a dress would be even harder to find the perfect fit in! I found your blog through canopi!

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